benefits of ergonomic chairs

Office chairs are designed to leave unnoticed as many people move during work. These movements ensure that the user continues to feel fit and prevents relaxation of the musculature and stagnation of the bloodstream. Advantages of Ergonomic office chairs are:

  • Ergonomic office chairs support the movements that makes the body, forcing the body does not adapt to the chair.
  • Ergonomic office chairs activate the body in contrast to static seats which make it lazy body, resulting in weaker muscles, lesser blood flow, poor posture, and ultimately back pain.

But a good ergonomic office chairs is a tricky business. There are several seating concepts, each with their own characteristics and qualities. We want to assist you with making the right choice. On this page we will briefly discuss the different seating concepts in order to explain the differences between the various systems and to simplify your choice. By giving presentations and providing pilot seats we give you the tools to determine the right choice.

Office chairs with a synchronous mechanism, the successor to the office chairs with a “permanent contact” system. With permanent contact chairs was the seat fixed and only moved to the back of the chair. For the user, this was not a nice feeling because the feeling was falling backwards.The case of seats with a synchronous mechanism, the seat back moves backward and tilts the seat part in a ratio of 2: 1. Because tilts the seat part the user has less to fall backwards, and the feeling of seating concept as this is more pleasant experience so that the tendency less rapidly with these seats is present to affix the backrest. We have in the segment “Synchronous mechanism” chosen Klöber and Girsberger because of good quality, the wide range and good design.

Ergonomic Office Chair features “Balanced Movement Mechanism”.

HAG of Norway is the manufacturer who invented the “Balanced Movement Mechanism”.

This concept is more dynamic than the synchronous mechanism because these office chairs move the whole body. The movement always starts from the feet, making the blood circulation is stimulated and the body remains in better condition. The movement of this chair is most consistent with the movement in a rocking chair. The backrest and seat are located at a fixed angle relative to each other. Advantages of this mechanism are:

  • easy adjustment
  • Promotes next move
  • Dynamic is so good for the energy system
  • Always a good attitude

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